A Self-Coaching Took & Process that Works!

From the desk of Greg Giesen, founder and CEO of The Laughing Leader

Warning! Warning! This blog is only for self-aware individuals who are passionate about life and their place in it…those people who see personal growth as an ongoing adventure with no beginning or end…and who know themselves, their purpose, and the mark they want to leave on the world.

Excellent, you’re still with me! Thanks for reading on.

Today I’d like to introduce to you what I call, My Accountability List. It’s the perfect self-coaching tool that will:

  • Help you identify (and spell out) your purpose, passions, and core values
  • Highlight and reward your growth opportunities
  • Create personal accountability
  • Keep you focused on being the person you most want to be

The best part is that you can do it alone it only takes a few minutes a day to use.

Are you in?

Keep in mind that you’ll need to customize this tool to fit your own purpose, passions, and core values. What I’m going to show you is essentially a template and a process—a process that I’ve been using for the past five years with tremendous success.

The back story

 I’ve always been extremely self-motivated and passionate about my life and my purpose in it. I look at every success as reinforcement and every failure as a powerful lesson. My life’s purpose is to live, love, laugh and learn and help others do the same. I’m big on accountability. I’m big on keeping my word. And I believe that personal growth is an ongoing journey.

With that said, it wasn’t enough to just want to be a better person every day; I needed to create a system that forced me to spell out what that looks likes on a daily basis. I needed a system that could measure outcomes…one that provides daily feedback on the things that matter most to me like relationships, communication, personal growth, and physical/mental health. But even more important than that, I needed something I could do on a daily basis to keep me connected with my purpose, passions and core values that was also fun, competitive, quick and interesting.

Needless to say, a tall order to fill. So here’s what I came up with (in steps):

Step 1: I identified six main areas in my life where I needed to make the greatest improvement. These could be business or personal or a combination of both.

Step 2: Under each of the six main area, I identified anywhere from 5 to 8 specific behaviors that I wanted to focus on. Some of these were things I simply needed to do more often while others were things that I needed to start doing. Many were things that were well out of my comfort zone.

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