What does a pothole and change have in common?

From the desk if Greg Giesen, Founder & CEO of The Laughing Leader

That’s an easy one. When we see it coming, we have time to maneuver around it. When we don’t, we get the full impact, ready or not.

pot hole

Allow me to simplify the change management process for you. There are basically three types of change:

1.     There’s the change that we initiate.

2.     There’s the anticipated change that someone else initiates.

3.     There’s the sudden change that we didn’t see coming.

We can’t control the amount of change in our lives any better than we can control the amount of potholes there are on our roads. Change is the norm now, not the exception. And anytime the temperature goes from cold to hot in a short amount of time, we’re going to have potholes. That’s just the way it is.

When we drive, we’re told to always keep our eyes on the road, looking ahead. This way we are in the best position to anticipate and adjust to any road conditions that may arise. Unfortunately, we seem to be getting more and more distracted these days and our attention to driving often slips into an autopilot mode. When this occurs, we tend to miss many of the cues (i.e., speed, traffic conditions, weather, distance between cars, etc.) that will help us drive safely. As a result, we’ve greatly increased our chances for an accident, a mishap, or hitting the proverbial pothole head-on. Not good!


I remember the last time I hit a large pothole. I didn’t see it coming and both left tires took the full brunt of the impact…one right after the other…Boom! Boom! I yelled in anger, “What the hell was that!” as I gripped the steering wheel and glanced in my rearview mirror. My heart was pounding a mile-a-minute. It felt like I had just been woken from a deep sleep and was still groggy.

Once I realized that the culprit was a pothole, I became angrier. “Why isn’t the city on top of this! Cars could be damaged and people could get hurt, for Pete’s Sake! Why, if that Mayor wasn’t so lazy…”

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