The Dating Game…Seriously?

From the desk of Greg “Geese” Giesen, founder of the Zen Leadership Institute

Many times when I sit down on Sunday mornings to write this Blog for the next day’s newsletter I have no idea what I’m going to write about. When this happens (today being one of those mornings), I look for some kind of divine intervention—and/or a couple of cups of strong coffee—to guide me along the way.

Now, if you haven’t noticed, today’s show (Monday, Sept. 15th) is a departure from our traditional format. Instead of interviewing a guest about their latest book, Lisa and I will be asking dating questions to two or three bachelorettes calling in to in hopes of winning a date with me during the next week. I should mention that I’m using the word “hopes” loosely. For all I know, they may have been coerced to call in, although Lisa assures me that wasn’t the case.
What I have found interesting about the Dating Game show being promoted on my website is that every woman I’ve either gone out with or am conversing with over the phone has mentioned it or questioned it. To be honest, I think it is making them slightly apprehensive about going out with me.  Imagine that! Who wouldn’t want to go out with a guy who’s literally advertises on the radio that he wants a date? When did that stop being an attractive trait? I’m so confused.

Perhaps the Dating Game wasn’t such a great idea after all.

It’s weird being single again. Truthfully, I was never very good playing the dating game before I met my wife, so why should it be any different post-wifey. It seems like the older you get…okay, the older I get, the more particular I get as well. But that’s not unusual, is it? So what if I have some regular routines and an idiosyncrasy or two? Who doesn’t! I just need to find someone who thinks my quirky habits are cute, loveable, and not self-serving whatsoever! Hmm. Maybe I should just go out with myself.

I wonder if it’s not too late to be a priest? Think about it…they get to give a speech every week, have meals cooked for them, and they’re treated like celebrities when they wear their collar out in public. Hmm. And think how much I’d save on clothes! I wonder what the pay is?
But then again, I’m not ready to throw in the towel on woman and a “hopeful” significant-other relationship just yet. I know my luck is about to change. Can you feel it? I’m pretty sure I can…or is that the indigestion from the pizza I just ate at the airport. Not sure.

Do you ever watch other couples to determine if they have a good relationship or not? I do it all the time. Phone conversations are pretty revealing too, aren’t they? It’s not like I try to listen or eavesdrop to people’s conversations mind you, but it’s not rocket science to sense if there is a positive or negative charge between two people’s batteries. And what it there’s no charge at all? That might be even worse.  After I got divorced, most of my friends told me they were not surprised. Was it that obvious?

I want to meet someone who makes me feel giddy again. I remember the first time I ever sat next to Carol Hook at a 6th grade basketball game. Every pore in my body radiated with infatuation.  I could barely breathe. I had a crush on her for years but was too timid to ever talk to her. Finally, there I was with the woman of my dreams and all I could manage to say was, “So, who you pulling for?”

Really? Who you pulling for? We go to the same school you flathead! But that’s what I’m talking about. I was so dumbfounded that I could barely put a sentence together, let alone make any sense. I was giddy.

I’m not sure how today’s show will play out but I know it will be fun. Every show since Lisa signed-on as my co-host has been a blast. Maybe that’s the secret. Maybe I should simply focus on having more fun in life and just let the chips fall where they may on the dating part of things. After all, I have to be whatever I want to attract, don’t I?

Forget you ever read this.


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