My Future Self Responds…

Okay, this is a bit eerie, but here goes.

It’s Sunday morning (yesterday) and I’m sitting in my recliner going over the questions I plan to ask my Future Self. I am excited about this exercise and skeptical at the same time. I mean really, how possible is it to talk to myself—twenty-five years into the future? Seems kind of crazy, doesn’t it? And yet, what does it matter if it’s my Future Self or the Universe responding back to my questions? Isn’t it the same thing? After all, from a quantum physics perspective, all things in the universe are energy and quantum-related. The Future Self is part of the universal energy and the universal energy is part of the Future Self.


But enough analyzing; it’s time to begin.

I settle into the recliner and extend the footrest.  Ah, this is so comfortable. After a couple deep breaths I close my eyes and visualize myself walking along a large pond in the middle of a think forest. It’s a warm and sunny day and I can feel the rays of the penetrating sun shining on my face as I head towards the cabin, the home of my Future Self.

And then something totally unexpected happened.

The word, SELF-FORGIVENESS comes crashing down on my visualization, bringing me immediately back to my recliner in the den of my house.

So much for the visualization, I muse, while shaking my head.

But wait! Could it be that I just received the answer from my Future Self to the first question: What do I need to pay attention to most right now in my life?

I pondered for a second before recalling how I started the morning out being self-critical about a few things. In fact, now that I think about it, I’ve been a little hard on myself for the past few weeks.

Self-forgiveness is exactly what I need to be practicing right now in my life. OMG! I think this is working!

I move on to the second question:

Knowing what you now know, is there one piece of advice you can give me?

I wait in the silence for an answer. From outside I can hear a single bird chirping away endlessly. Suddenly the words SPEAK UP pops into my head.


Speak up? What could that mean? I wondered. Could it mean that I need to be more assertive? Perhaps it means I need to speak my truth instead of keeping it to myself? Or, could it imply that I need to do more speaking and keynoting from a professional standpoint?

Yes, Yes, and Yes! I love public speaking. I could talk about authenticity for hours and love having my words and stories impact a group of people. Of course I need to assert myself, speak my truth and speak up. I need to be heard.

I’m on a roll now…two-for-two with my Future Self. I go for the third and final question:

What else would be important to share with me right now?

Not sure how or why this happened but seconds after I asked the question the lyrics of a song danced around my ears, Everything’s going to be all right!

I smiled at the coincidence. If you read my blog, Mind The Gap, from a couple of weeks ago, you’ll recall how that was the same advice I gave to myself. Trust the process and trust that it’s all going to work out the way it is supposed to work out.

Just then a loud screeching noise bellows out from the busy street behind my house as a car barreled down the road. I turned my head towards the back of the house and utter, SLOW DOWN!


Slow Down? Did that just come from me or from my Future Self?

Actually, it’s ironic that I said those words. You see, I’ve been racing around trying to force things to happen while simultaneously missing out on everything the present moment has to offer. Slow down? You bet I need to slow down and smell the flowers.

Feeling both amazed and complete now, I gaze over at my Future Self and ask him if there is anything else I should know?

He smiles and says, “You’ve always had the answers; just take the time to ask the questions. “

We embrace and say goodbye.

“And Geese,” he says before vanishing from the room, “lets meet at my place next time.”

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