Boardroom verses Bedroom…by Lauran Star

I was recently asked to describe the difference in my work for your clients who look for boardroom and bedroom coaching.

Simply put … Boardroom to bedroom coaching is exactly as it sounds. I laugh because it also sounds a bit risqué; however, it should not be because what happens at home will trickle into the work life and vice verse. Add to the number of studies demonstrating overall health concerns when home life/bedroom needs go unmet—it is a no-brainer.

The Boardroom

I work with women in leadership positions, such as CEOs, senior leadership, and management. I work specifically on goals from a professional standpoint to get you to the next level, solve the next issue, or discover solutions.

I am there as your thinking collaborator who takes off the rose-colored glasses and allows you to bounce ideas and thoughts with the right perspective. My leadership experience also balances the right input and allows for a certain level of empathy with my clients as well as tools they may not have thought about.
Areas I commonly work on with my clients are:

• Clarify your vision and goals for the future
• Develop leadership Emotional Intelligence
• Create solutions for difficult issues and situations
• Design work/life balance
• Achieve genuine awareness about behaviors and relationships
• Identify and remove potential advancement obstacles
• Define your next advancement or position

The Bedroom

Research is finding that women who hold very high positions in business tend to struggle a bit in their home life, especially in the bedroom. Thus the bedroom represents home life. Bedroom Coaching is somewhat equivalent to sexual empowerment therapy; however, we focus on the here and now rather than pathological issues and not medically-based issues.

What is funny is how the bedroom has become such a taboo topic. Typically we spend anywhere from six to ten hours in our bedroom when we are home, thus it makes sense to ensure your needs are met with your significant other or spouse. I love asking the question: Does the bedroom represent a place for clean laundry to be stored or is it a place of rejuvenation?

Remember, I work with women and we women tend to think we can do it all. We also tend to go it alone and have to be perfect. Unbelievably, women tend not to share with their girlfriends that they may be having issues in the most private manner. Thus, bedroom coaching allows my clients to have a thinking partner and confidante, where they can express some of those issues or concerns. Those issues are not limited to the bedroom because we can discuss women’s health, parenting, communication with loved ones, parenting your parents, as well as the bedroom private matters.

Communication becomes critical, as my clients need to uncover what they need or desire in their home life, what is missing, and then how to ask and have those needs meet. Emotions tend to play heavier in the bedroom then the boardroom, thus we all tend to turn a blind eye or not ask for what we need. The overall goal is to provide a balance for women who are empowered in the workforce, creating a more empowered leader.

Let us face it, I go where most coaches will not or cannot go and I will ask the questions that need asking. Once the client and I establish a relationship where trust and open communications are at the forefront, we visit the bedroom, figuratively. We discuss needs being met and issues or concerns that may hold my client back from getting those needs met. The bedroom is more than a room in your home—it is where we all should find harmony. The bedroom is your home life.

I have found women tend to need both the boardroom and bedroom sounding board and thinking partner. We need to have our leadership needs empowered and have our home life balanced so that needs and desire are being met in a two-fold arrangement. This ensures positivity, both in an out of the boardroom. We know if our home life is stressed, we will bring that to the office and vice versa. My approach evaluates both ensuring there is a balance.

For more information contact Lauran Star today at

Best Wishes,
Lauran Star

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