I’m so excited…

I’m not a workshop junkie by any means, but I have taken a lot of pretty intense workshops over the years. For me, continuous improvement is verb, if you catch my drift. I am committed to practicing what I preach which means continually working on myself. After all, how can I help facilitate change with someone if I am not willing to go there myself?

But that doesn’t mean I like it.

I’ll never forgot the time I participated in this intense week-long program where during one of the sessions I was put in a group with five other men and told to come back in three hours as the Pointer Sisters. I’m not kidding. And, if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, we were told that we would be singing the a cappella version of I’m So Excited! in front of all 120 participants.

As you might imagine, the six of us literally froze from an unending state of shock. We have to do what? By when? Are you kidding me!  All I could do was look down while shaking my head in disbelief. After all, I didn’t know these men; I didn’t know who the Pointer Sisters were (imagine the surprise when I found out), and I certainly didn’t know what they meant by a cappella. What I did know is that we were in big trouble!

As the shock slowly wore off, giving way to shear fear, we gathered outside, piled into a car, and raced to the closest mall. As we sped through the busy streets of Newport Beach, we were all talking over each other as we tried to make sense of our assignment. By the time we pulled up to the mall, I did manage to learn who the Pointer Sisters were and what was meant by a cappella. Who do they think they are! The Pointer Sisters! A cappella! When will it ever end!

Things turned for the worse as all five men took off running in five different directions, not one mentioning a game plan or where they were headed. It clearly was every man for himself.

Not me, I’m not doing this alone, I screamed and followed the slowest male. We eventually ended up at some discount clothing store where we each purchased a dress, a wig, make-up and high heels. And yes, this was the first and last time I’ve ever done this.

By the time we all found each other and got back to the car, we had 90-minutes left. In hindsight, it was pretty funny seeing the incredible variety of female clothing that each of the other men selected. To no one’s surprise, we didn’t even come close to portraying the Pointer Sisters. Instead, we looked more like a bunch of awkward and uncoordinated white men modeling women’s clothing from Goodwill.

I should mention that every person in the workshop was paired up that day with a group and given a similar challenge. This explained why, as we pulled up to the building where we were to perform in an hour, everyone was out in the parking lot practicing their particular songs, skits, etc.,

Personally, I don’t perform well under pressure and could not remember any of the words to I’m So Excited…except I’m So Excited. Not good. But the other guys weren’t any better.

The rest of what happened that evening still remains a blur to me. I remember getting up on stage. I remember yelling out the chorus, I’m So Excited. In fact, that’s all I kept saying, over and over again. I also remember running into the audience, picking out people, and laying a big kiss on their cheeks. This I’m not proud of but it did create the much needed diversion for me from singing acappella…which in all honesty had me sounding more like a bad fog horn.

But I did it. We did it. And, when the song was over, the crowd swarmed in and lifted each of us (my fellow sisters) up in air, as if we each had just scored the winning goal in the World Cup. I must say, I’ve never felt that level of exhilaration in my life before…or since for that matter.

Was it worth it? Definitely.

Did I learn anything? Yes. I learned that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

Would I do it again? Absolutely not! But I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything either.



BTW, next week I’m going to tell you about another workshop that you won’t believe and introduce you to Naked Greg.

  1. I felt panic for you as I cannot sing and would be sweating bullets over that rather than cross dressing.

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