Talking to Myself…

Today I thought I’d interview myself. I’m serious. Think about it…who, outside of Katie Couric, would you rather have interview you but you? Let’s give it a try.

Geese…do you mind if I call you that?

No, that’s fine.

Where did your nickname come from anyway? And shouldn’t it be Goose?

Geese is short for Giesen, although some call me Goose as well. I like nicknames. To me, they’re an endearment.

Speaking about endearment, you’ve been with Castle Rock Radio for over two-and-a-half years. Why are you leaving now? Don’t you have the top weekly show?

Nice transition…

Don’t mention it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had a great run at Castle Rock, but it’s just time for a change. Besides, Mile Hi Radio has a better ring to it. Don’t you think?

I’d have to agree; but you didn’t really answer my question.

I’m still shopping radio stations, if you want the truth. Plus, there’s not much more to learn or experience at Castle Rock Radio. I just knew that it was time for a change.

Now we’re getting somewhere!


Is radio a hobby for you or do you hope to make it a career?

It still surprises me to say this but it’s become the most passionate thing I do. I love doing talk radio, it’s as simple as that.

But don’t you “pay to play”? Are you making any money on this?

It’s not about the money for me. It’s about the experience. Keep in mind, I’m this introverted guy who comes to life once the “On-Air” sign lights up. I get my 15-minutes of fame in hourly segments each week.

What’s the best part of radio for you?

If I had to narrow it down to one thing, I’d say the opportunity to interview all the incredible guests we’ve had on our show. These are the best of the best in their fields and I get to spend an hour with each of them. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Is there a downside?

Probably the amount of time it takes to produce a weekly show.

Which is?

About 10-hours a week, but that includes producing a weekly newsletter, a weekly blog, all the pre-and-post show work, and a ton of research on each of the upcoming guests.

Could you see having a show on AM Radio some day?

I think so…although I’m not sure you can make a career out of doing that.

Give us a couple highlights from your 2.5 years at Castle Rock Radio.

Actually, I think our very first show really set the stage for the tremendous success we would end up having. Castle Rock Radio at that time was a community-based station with a lot of local topics and community-related programs. Not exactly exciting radio, if you know what I mean. So we brought in Karl Mecklenburg, NFL All-Pro and Bronco Super Star, as our first guest and immediately broke the mold at CRR. The days of having the local Andy and Aunt Bee’s as guest were quickly coming to an end.

So you think your show has influenced the station’s direction over the years?

Without question. However, part of that is due to the fact that I have brought in almost a third of all the new shows, just in the past year.

Sounds like you need your own station? But let’s get back to highlights. Give us one more.

Here’s one of my favorites. Shortly after Michael Jackson’s death, I decided to bring on master psychic and medium, Karen Storsteen, to the show and asked her to contact Michael Jackson while we were on the air.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

No, not at all. And she did it.

Wait a second. You mean Karen talked to Michael Jackson on air?

That’s exactly what I mean. But there’s more. I also had my publicist (JKS Communications) put what we were planning to do out on the “wire”. You know; that news bulletin thingy that goes all over the world. Well, to our surprise, people actually picked up on it, giving us so many callers from around the world that the phone circuits overloaded. This caused caller to be diverted into random non-radio offices around the building. 

So all the other businesses in the building were getting callers wanting to talk with Karen…and I guess Michael Jackson?

Yep, and none of them too happy about it either.

I can imagine. But wait…really? Michael Jackson?

Karen is probably the most credible psychic and medium out there. I realize many people don’t buy into that stuff, but I do…and apparently so do millions of people.

So what kind of questions did she ask him?

She asked him point blank if his death was a suicide.

And…what did he say?

Although there was a part of him that was depressed and exhausted, he did not intentionally take his own life.

This is too weird. But then again, you did a show on school shooter, Laurie Dann. Wasn’t she your high school girlfriend?

Yes she was. Don’t I have interesting shows?

I’ll say. So you dated women who later became the first school shooter on record?

Yes, but you make it sound like an achievement. It wasn’t. Although I must say, the Laurie Wasserman I knew in high school was not the Laurie Dann she became when she shots the kids.

So why do a show on her?

Because we had all angles covered in exploring the mind of a school shooter. We had author and researcher Joyce Egginton on the show who wrote “Too Beautiful a Day to Die” (a story about Laurie and the shootings) and we had me, her former high school boyfriend who could speak about Laurie before she went mad. And I almost forgot…we had Laurie herself.

But didn’t she die?

That’s why you need to listen to the last 10-minutes! The show is on my website under “Past Guests”.

Did you have any normal shows?

What’s normal? I try to make each show interesting, entertaining, and educational. Probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a show was the two times palm reader Myrna Lou Goldbaum came on.  Her ability to read more than just our palms made for a lot of fun and laughter. And, by the way, I still have not become rich and famous like she guaranteed I would. I wonder if she got my palms mixed up with someone else.

Who was your most interesting guest?

That’s like saying, who is your favorite child? However, I can tell you the most interesting statement I can recall.

Please do.

We were interviewing Erik Weihenmayer, the blind hiker who has climbed all seven of the top summits in the world, including Everest, and I asked him what his biggest challenge was being blind. He said, “Trying to find his bags at DIA’s baggage claim.” He said it was right up there with climbing Everest. I’m pretty sure he was joking…

You’ve had a number of co-hosts over the years. Is it normal for co-hosts to come and go or are you just that difficult to work with?

I have great relationships with all my co-hosts and still do. The truth is; the co-host role is like playing second fiddle in an orchestra. It’s not for everyone. You have to be willing to play the back-up role. With that said, I would like to acknowledge my previous co-hosts: Steve Sorensen, Tom Crouser, Michi Theis, Jan Rutherford and Casey Jones.

Are you going solo at Mile Hi Radio?

I’m in the market for a new co-host, if you know of one.

New topic. Your weekly blogs are great. Where do you get your material?

I’m a very reflective person and have finally found an outlet for all my reflections. I mentioned that the radio show was my top passion. Well, writing my blogs is my second top passion.

Are you writing another book?

Yes and no. I believe all these blogs of mine will eventually turn into a book of some kind. Let’s do lunch. Have your people contact my people!

You have had the top authors, leadership gurus, and world-renowned motivational speakers on your show. Will that trend continue at Mile Hi Radio?

It already has. Check out the “Upcoming Guests” tab on my talk radio page and see for yourself.

Any final comment?

Get ready Mile Hi Radio! The Mondays At 3 show is on its way!

    • JW
    • June 25th, 2012

    Very interesting and extremely well done.

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