The unexpected snow day

I feel like a kid again!

I had a full day of coaching and facilitating lined up on Friday. Why, I was even in “game-face” mode when I went to bed the night before. I was ready to take on the day and make the most of it.

And then I woke up. Let me correct that…and then I woke up to 20” of snow, blizzard conditions, and no end in sight.

Hmm? Could it be…a snow day?

I turn the TV news on, wondering if I’d be so lucky to see my client company scrolling at the bottom of the screen. Let’s see…nothing in the A’s, nothing in the B’s, but wait, there they were in the C’s! OMG! Its official, they’re closed! I had been granted an actual snow day!

What’s the adult-version of a snow day, you ask?

It’s an unplanned day off due to something beyond our control, like a snow storm for instance. And the best part is, it’s better than a day off. Why? Because we not only get the day off, but it comes without expectations. We can do whatever we want. Are you with me here! Truthfully, it doesn’t get any better than this.

First things first. I immediately put on a second pot of coffee. I cranked the music. I pulled out the paper, put my feet up on the table, and began reading…ever so slowly, enjoying every moment. I had this unending smile on my face…it was like I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing…and it felt great.

I ended up playing like a kid the whole day, and never even got out of my pajamas.  I watched a movie…took a nap…and tinkered around in my basement…something I haven’t done in years.

By the end of the day I felt renewed, refreshed, and alive again. It was the best snow day I’ve ever had.

Now I want to plan another snow day…but then it wouldn’t be a snow day, would it?


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