Remembering my dad…

Probably the biggest attribute that stands out the most for me about my dad was his uncanny sense of humor. He had the ability to always see the lighter side of life and used his humor to help us see it as well. Of course with my dad this usually came in the form of his unexpected, but always on the mark, one-liners.

My dad working the room during his 80th birthday party

Why, even up until the very end, my father was working the hospital room.

For example…

  • The hospital nurse said to my father, Sign here so we can treat you. At which point my father said, I want to see what the treats are first.
  • The hospice nurse asked my father, Who would you like to be your wife’s back-up decision maker? My dad, a Republican, looked around the room at all of us and said, I want President Obama.
  • A hospital administrator inquired about his Living Will. Without a pause, my dad said, It’s in the shoebox under my bed.

I used to think that dad’s one-liners were kind of corny…that is until I realized the impact they had on others…

  • They lightened the mood
  • They made people laugh
  • They brought out people’s smile
  • They helped people loosen up and take themselves a little less seriously

Not a bad legacy, if you ask me.

Just before my dad’s death, he looked over at me and said these words, Never lose your sense of humor…and then he smiled.

There may not be any laughing coming from Room 4125 tonight, but the memories will live on forever.

…Now if only I could learn how to be funny!


  1. I love this tribute to your father. My dad had that same sense about him. I so miss his laugh.

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