That fine line between passion and projection

One of my New Year’s wishes for 2012 is to know the difference between being passionate about something and projecting that passion onto others.  I’m serious. I’m finding that I’m continuously disappointed with people because what I think is a reasonable and obvious expectation apparently isn’t shared by them, at least based on their actions or inactions.

I’m finding that the biggest trigger for me lately is around communication…theirs! Whether it’s not responding to my emails, not calling me back or keeping me updated on something important…or how about the last minute cancellation because of another meeting (which must clearly be more important than the one with me). And get this…I even have a company that has already locked me in as one of their international contract trainers tell me that the reason they have not communicated with me for over 9 weeks is because the project coordinator for my project is busy with another client. Really? Let me see if I got this correctly…you provide leadership and communication training worldwide but don’t see any need to apply these same skillsets to your own practices, let alone to the people that will be teaching these principles for you. Hmm.

Okay, that last comment was me slipping from passion to projection…making them wrong for beliefs I hold.

You see, I used to think that it was common sense (and common courtesy) to return emails, return calls, to text back, to honor appointments already scheduled, and to practice the very principles you teach to others. But perhaps I’m old school…I am 55 years old after all.

On top of this, I’m finding that the people causing me the most stress for these minor infractions are not stressed themselves about how they communication or do business. I seem to be the only one impacted here.

So what does this all mean?

It means that in order for me to reduce stress in 2012, I need to stop projecting my expectations on others and simply realize that not everyone has the same passions and beliefs that I do, especially around communication.

Am I selling myself out?  Maybe I need to rethink this.


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