Sunday Night Blues…

This excerpt from Mondays At 3 says it all…

”If Sunday afternoons were the best of times for Justin, then Sunday evenings were clearly the worst of times. When dinner came around, Justin could feel his weekend slowly slipping away. It was that unwanted transition from a nice, relaxing weekend full of fun, family, and football to thoughts about Monday, the workweek, and having to face a job that was quickly becoming mundane and unmotivating.”

As in the Mondays at 3 storyline, it’s probably the Sunday night dinner where this dilemma all comes to a head for me. Typically, my wife and I have a glass of wine together and watch 60 Minutes while preparing dinner. Okay, I do more watching while she does most of the preparing, but you get the idea. Anyway, I’m still in weekend mode at this point, very relaxed and present-minded. But as the show begins its final segment and the reflection of my face appear in the bottom of my wine glass, I can feel a tinge of sadness emerge as I reluctantly release my grip on the weekend and allow thoughts of Monday to knock on the door. I get a little more serious as well. My wife calls this my “game-face” mode and usually leaves me alone, knowing that my attention has moved from the present to the future.

The good news is that by the time I hit the pillow Sunday night, I’m both appreciative of the weekend past and excited about the week ahead. It’s a nice place to be; I just wish I didn’t have to transition into it.


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