Random Thoughts & Insights-1

On my radio show:

I’ve been doing my radio show for three years now. An upcoming opportunity in 2012 might make it difficult to continue. As I type this, I just booked Mark Sanborn (the top motivational speaker in the country) for January 9th and received a signed copy of Erik Weihenmayer’s (only blind person in history to climb the tallest peak on every continent, including Mount Everest) new book, The Adversity Advantage, from Erik himself. This is why I love doing the show! I have to figure out a way to keep it going.

On Tebow:

Fifty-eight minutes of pure agony followed by two-minutes of extreme excitement…and we end up winning in OT! Go figure. Reminds me of my
golf game.

On the bathroom mirror:

When looking in the mirror, always focus on the positive about what you see and who you see. It’s easy to be critical in these intimate moments and focus on what’s wrong or what’s changed…but why? The positive is right there in front of you…you just have to look.

On affection:

I tell people, including my wife, that I’m not an affectionate person…but then again, I’m pretty sure my dogs would disagree.

On my master-mind group:

My master-mind group meets in-person twice per year. For these two-day retreats, we each get to present an assessment of our businesses, our successes and challenges, our hopes and dreams, and our game plans for moving forward. This time we’re meeting in Naples, FL and I can’t wait!


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