Another “Mondays At 3” radio show review…

Hi Greg.

I have had the time and opportunity to listen to some of your radio interviews on Mondays At 3, and I must say WOW. I know you have had several years to perfect this piece of your life but I must say it was as if I was back home listening to KOA (during the day or evening, not night or weekends). You have well thought out and timed questions that keep the listener completely engaged. I obviously haven’t made it through the entire archives but my favorite to date is the interview with Erik Weihenmayer. I have been following him and his team on Expedition Impossible, and to say the least I have been amazed by his abilities. Then after listening to your interview with him and learning some more of his accolades I am even more impressed by this man. It is so inspiring to learn about someone such as him. And when I look at the trial and tribulations I have gone through in the past couple years, it diminishes them so greatly that I really just have to shake my head and laugh at myself. So I will have to steal from your blog and call him one of my heroes as well, I hope you don’t mind. All in all thank you I am hooked and will shortly be downloading the ipod app so I can listen to more of the “Goose” (sorry don’t think of you in the plural) when I’m on the go.

-You now biggest fan,

Kevin O’Herron

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