The rest of the story…

In last week’s blog I shared a story about the GM who didn’t feel she needed to be at the teambuilding for her leadership team. Here’s the rest of
the story…

The GM clearly stated that her intent for the teambuilding session was to “fix” her team. She felt they needed to improve in a number of areas and wanted me to provide that guidance on her behalf. What was even more startling to me was that the GM saw absolutely no connection between her leadership (or lack thereof) and the problems she was identifying it the very team she oversees.

Can I be perfectly honest here? How does someone rise to such a high level in an organization and yet be so clueless and disconnected from the very people they manage?

As you might recall from last week’s blog, I provided a complimentary, one-on-one assessment with the leadership team in order to get their
perspective of what the issues were within the group. And, as you also may recall, all of the issues were either a direct or indirect reflection of ineffective leadership coming from the top…the GM.

At my meeting with the GM, I emphasized the following points in no uncertain terms:

  • She needed to fully participate with her leadership team in the teambuilding session.
  • The only way to “fix” the leadership team was if the whole leadership team was present. Separating herself from the leadership team by not attending would imply that she wasn’t a part of the problem or the solution.
  • Granted her needs were not being met by the leadership team, but the team’s needs were also not being met by her. I should mention here that the GM immediately wanted to know what I heard from the interviews and grabbed for my notes. I quickly pulled them away in surprise, saying that these were confidential sessions and that it simply demonstrates that she needs to be a part of this process so that she can hear these directly from them.
  • Lastly, I emphasized that if she felt people wouldn’t be open and honest with her in the room, then there are clearly trust issues within this team and that we needed to address those as well.

The GM was still clearly uncomfortable with the thought of attending the teambuilding, but reluctantly agreed. She ended our meeting by
saying, “I’ll get back to you.”

Three weeks passed with no word.

On the fourth week I receive an email from the GM that said, “We’ve decided to postpone the teambuilding session. Thank you for your


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