Why Erik Weihenmayer is my hero!

Erik Weihenmayer faces adversity every single day as a blind person. I think because of all his incredible accomplishments (i.e., climbed Everest, written two bestselling books, made inspirational movies, speaks around the world, been on television countless times, etc.) that we assume he’s doing okay and has “people” to take care of him.  But that’s not the case.

I asked Erik what was the most difficult thing that he faces today as a blind person. He said it was the little things like walking through airports trying to find the baggage claim area, let alone his bags, or going to the store to get a loaf of bread. Every outing becomes an adventure…whether you want it or not.

Have you ever had the opportuntiy to ask a blind person about their blindness?  It was a neat experience for me. Suddenly, my daily challenges don’t seem all that challenging.

Oh, and about the 40th grade school reunion I attended last week…

I must say that I had the greatest time!  We laughed, we cried, we shared memories of nun abuses, and more importantly, we re-connected.  I don’t know when or if this grade school class of 1971 will ever get together again, but there will always be a spot etched out in my heart for each and every one of them.

P.S. Notice I’m the only one in the photo with a drink in my hand!  Hope my mom doesn’t see this.


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